• (2015) Ph.D. Physical Sciences University of Oulu, Oulu/Finland
  • (2010) Ph.D. Space Geohysics, INPE, SP/Brazil
  • (2006) M.S Space Geophysics, INPE, SP/Brazil
  • (2003) B.S. Physics, Mackenzie University, SP/Brazil

    The solar cycle and me:

    The solar activity cycle is well represented by the number of sunspots in our favorite star's disk. During solar maximum periods, there are more flares and cool stuff happening in the Solar System. For example, during solar max: I was born, I fell in love with the Sun, I got my 2nd PhD studying solar cycle modulation of cosmic-rays. Can't wait for the next solar max! :)

    In the last 2 solar cycles, I've been involved in scientific investigations of solar activity phenomena and its influences and signatures in the Heliosphere and Earth’s environment (ionosphere, stratosphere and troposphere). I'm an early-career scientist (with 2 PhDs in space- and geo-physics) that brings from Brazil considerable experience coordinating funded projects with international collaborators and students’ participation. I'm also focused on spreading quality scientific information to underrepresented groups, motivating girls in STEM and promoting gender equality in the Space Physics area.

    I joined the AO/SAS science team in Aug/2017, as a Space Weather Physicist visiting from the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University (JHUAPL). Due to my desire to expand the use of AO unique capability for Heliospheric studies, I became the first Solar/Helio scientist to integrate with AO staff in April/2018.

    AO-SOL: Solar / Heliospheric Studies at the Arecibo Observatory

    (Click on the image to see the AO-SOL slides from AGU18 Fall meeting)

    I happily provide science support for AO E&PO activities (giving talks at the AO Science and Visitor Center) and was one of the creators of the ICAO: Interdisciplinary Committee of the AO. The ICAO was responsible for the AO 55th anniversary celebration (the #AOWeek), that immensely enhanced the AO visibility in 2018 and is now planning the next #AOWeeks. I'm one of the leading scientists behind the current E&PO activity: New Arecibo Message - the global challenge; and I hope to spread this inspirational power to other kids around the world (I was inspired to be a scientist after watching the movie Contact and seeing Arecibo for the first time).

    In my Casita, in Camuy-PR, I share my life adventures with Mymarido, Jonathan Fentzke (a former AO scientist), our 2 kiddos, Gabriel (7) and Aurora (2) and our little dog, Indiana Jones (Indy). I know how lucky I am living my dream, working at the AO and enjoying the beautiful Puerto Rican sunsets every evening...

    Observing @AO

    You can submit HERE your own Observing Proposal and get time to use the unique AO radar/telescope capability. All of my AO observing projects (past/current/future) are (hopefully) listed here:

  • 2019:
    Solar Wind: IPS-A3299

  • 2018:
    Solar Wind: IPS-A3285
    .fits (Preliminary). Be nice and contact me before using this data. ;)
    Solar Wind: IPS/FR-P3283

  • 2017:
    Ionosphere: ISR-T3149

    (The amazing AO big-dish after 2018 shower. Photo by Alfredo Santoni and Carlos Perez)